eco wall panel export in ukiah

Metfiber Eco Wall Sound - Metec-No-Sound

2 METFIBER ECO WALL SOUND. αw ≈ 095 / Rw ≈ 34 dB . Acoustic wall panel with glass wool core. For sound absorption and sound improvement of a room...

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ECOwall – Slalom acoustic and partition systems

2 PRODUCTS. ECOwall. ECOwall is a colourful thermoformed modular panel which is useful for perimeter acoustic correction. Effective and thin it keeps intact...

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Living EcoWall

2 EcoWalls has developed a modular hydroponic planting panel aptly named the EcoWall to respond to the current need for sustainable living architecture.

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Metfiber Eco Wall - Metec-No-Sound

2 METFIBER ECO WALL. Rw ≈ 3 dB . Wall panel with glass wool core. This panel is the ideal solution for rooms where a fire resistance good acoustic and...

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ECO Cladding: Welcome

2 Connections at brackets profiles and panel fasteners are engineered to limit ... help designers achieve the intended U-value for their wall and demonstrate what...

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Living EcoWall FAQ

2 The standard EcoWall panel measures 36” L x 36” H x 5- /4” D. The modular design allows us to build living walls in increments of 36”. Our modular panels are...

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